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About Us

Garfitts International Limited
is the latest title for a company established over 200 years ago. In that time Garfitts have always been famous for their high quality manufacturing capabilities. Exhibiting at the great world exhibitions of London, Paris and Australia, winning gold and bronze medals for their excellence.

In those days their engineering expertise was directed towards producing all varieties of tools for the cutting of grass and vegetation in Africa, North America, the Far East and sheep shearing tools for Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Garfitts International Ltd still lead the marketplace for producing high quality cylinders and blades for the cutting of natures produce...grass.

The continued success of the company is down to its ability to change with the times and produce what the market needs and today the demand is for service and quality at affordable prices.

The present catalogue offers some 8000 lines to the industry giving a one stop call for many of its customers who are spread over the surface of the globe. In recent years the development of its European and Scandinavian interests has been an interesting period in its long history and plans for further expansion into the Eastern Blocks are imminent.

The very personal touch of its managment is a feature that gives Garfitts its unique capabilities in providing for its customers, and the hands on approach to its production capabilities ensures quality is maintained.