100 Parts are not original. OEM part numbers for reference purpose only. Measurements are only approximations. Tel: (0044) 0114 251 3344 Fax: (0044) 0114 251 3000 www.garfitts.com sales@garfitts.com Personalised Ball Washers feature cast aluminium bodies and lids powder painted in a rainbow of brilliant and durable colours. The ball travels in a high-impact plastic spiral cleaning agitator through stiff bristles on a special flexible PVC inner brush designed to avoid deterioration in detergents and water. The cast aluminium lid assembly is mounted with strong 3/8” teflon coated set screws, included to resist corrosion and allow greater grip during installation and easy removal. A single front towel clip is included for convenient use by any golfer. The Ball Washers can also be personalised! Add the finishing touch of your course logo on the front of every ball washer. The durable outdoor decal measures 3" in diameter and is universal with all GARFITTS Tee and Practice green markers. The GARFITTS Pro & Ultimate Personalised Ball Washers have a fresh new design to update any course! Pro Ball Washer, (5 pint capacity) GP208__** Ultimate Ball Washer, (7 pint capacity) GP209__** **POWDER COATED PAINT Colours Available: EXAMPLE: A Red Pro Ball Washer is Number: GP208RD The Decals are FREE! ...when you order 5 or more Personalised Ball Washers! Once again there is NO ART CHARGE and no initial or repeat set-up charges. Simply send us your club logo either camera ready, on a score card or on letterhead. Sorry, due to poor reproduction, FAXed artwork and embroidered artwork not accepted. Decals measure 3" in diameter and are universal for all GARFITTS Ball Washers, GARFITTS Tee Markers, GARFITTS Practice Green Marker or any other bag tags, golf carts, maintenance equipment, etc. you wish to identify. GARFITTS has now lowered the set quantity, lowering the price for you to personalise your course! Now sets of only 18! The Decals are FREE! Golf Course Accessories Personalised Ball Washers GARF CATALOGUE '11 - Pg 001 - 148:GAR CATALOGUE '11 - Pg 001- 148 27/11/10 14:07 Page 100