122 Parts are not original. OEM part numbers for reference purpose only. Measurements are only approximations. Tel: (0044) 0114 251 3344 Fax: (0044) 0114 251 3000 www.garfitts.com sales@garfitts.com GARFITTS Price Part No. Description £ (ea) GP401R Flexible Stake, 17.5", Red GP401W Flexible Stake, 17.5", White GP401B Flexible Stake, 17.5", Blue GP401Y Flexible Stake, 17.5", Yellow GP401G Flexible Stake, 17.5", Green GP405 Flexible Stake Bottom Barb GP406 Anchor Plug rope, 6' length (Makes approx. 20 pieces) GP402 Anchor, Black GP403 Driving Tool Flexible Stake Driving Tool and Anchor It is important to use the Driving Tool to penetrate the ground before installing the flexible stakes or the Anchor surface rings. This prevents damage in hard ground and makes installation fast and simple. Anchors allow stakes to be easily removed and replaced in their same location and direction and increases the life span of the stake. GARFITTS Price Part No. Description £ (ea) GP402 Anchor, Black GP403 Driving Tool When anchor is not in use. Install FlexPlug (optional extra) to keep anchor from filling up with dirt and water. Flexible mow-over stakes are ideal for distance, hazard and out of bounds areas and never need to be moved when mowing with reel mowers, tractors or golf carts. Bottom anchor is recommended for increased stability and exact height placement. Anchor also allows easy removal and replacement of stake when boundary changes are necessary. A cut section of Anchor Plug Rope serves as a "stopper" to eliminate dirt and debris filling the anchor opening. Extremely durable and practical. Approx. 17.5" Flexible Stake Golf Course Accessories Distance & Hazard Markers GARF CATALOGUE '11 - Pg 001 - 148:GAR CATALOGUE '11 - Pg 001- 148 27/11/10 14:09 Page 122